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This year....

We are highlighting the work of Black women (students and alumni) who have become entrepreneurs. Below are some of our pop-up shop businesses and their owners that were unveiled on March 12, 2023.

Mayenie Conton

Mayenie Conton is a second-year student and owner of BrownSugarStitches on Instagram. 

She started crocheting when she was only 10, told she couldn't crochet because she was left-handed.


But that didn't stop Mayenie, as she now makes hand-made crochet pieces and held a pop-up shop at this year's Black Women In Steam Event.

Kiandra Peart

Kiandra Peart is a fourth year student at Tech; starting Kustomsbyki on Instagram after wearing a custom pair of shoes to school. To her surprise, she was encouraged to continue.

She makes her own shoes, giving her designs a unique style. She was one of our pop-up shop entrepreneurs, displaying her several of her custom shoes.


Makala Muhammad

Makala Muhammad, artistically known as Makala Aayanna, is one of our alumni entrepreneurs, graduating from Tech in 2020 with Bachelor's in Industrial and Systems Engineering. She then graduated with a Master's in Health Systems.

Although Makala is a very hard-worker, she still finds time to create her own original artwork, stickers, and prints. She presented her work at BWIS this year.

Muneeratu Munic

Muneeratu Munic, the creator of Munee creates, is known for creating handmade outfits and accessories. She has a plethora of crochet pieces, ranging from scrunchies to hats to purses. 

Munee creates is one of our black owned businesses that were presented at our BWIS event this year. 

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