GTSBE Committees

GTSBE's committees allow members to become directly involved in the day to day operations of the organization. By joining a committee, members are able to plan events, assist with marketing, spearhead outreach, and much more. There are plenty of committees to join, each one different from the next. We'd love to have you on one of our committees. 

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International Committee

The International Committee is the global face of GTSBE. From addressing the needs of its international student membership to working with NSBE chapters in other countries, the International Committee is devoted to making the GTSBE member a true global citizen, while enriching the experiences of international students to propel them to success


T.O.R.C.H. Committee

The T.O.R.C.H. Committee is part of GTSBE’s community service initiative driven by the goal to use our diverse technical backgrounds to positively impact the community.  Joining the committee provides a great opportunity to get involved in planning and executing outreach events that impact GTSBE members and community members alike, through programs such as A March for Education, STEAM Expo and others.  Join the T.O.R.C.H. Committee in our drive to serve Atlanta’s black community and inspire the next generation of young black engineers.


Academic Excellence (aex) Committee

The absolute best committee in all of GTSBE, the AEx committee creates programs and initiatives to connect people to the academic resources they need in order to be excellent. By joining this committee, you can become an integral part of supporting the academic success of general body members.


PCI Committee

Did you always know that a career in STEM was an option? Or was it through the support of others, that you were able to recognize that your possibilities were endless? While pursuing STEM may have been an obvious choice for you, this may seem unreachable for some high school students.


Communications Zone Committee

Are you interested in marketing, social media, or publications? Join the Communications Committee, the mouth of GTSBE. The communications zone is reposinsible for ensuring GTSBE's members are aware of the events and opputunities GTSBE has t offer. On this committee you'll have the opportunity to learn how GTSBE communicates with its members, help manage our social media marketing and website designing, and create publications, fliers, our annual magazine, and other types of media. We'd love to have you. 

Membership Committee

Are you interested in serving the GTSBE student body? As a committee member you will work closely with chair Kierston Jackson to ensure the general well being of the membership. Committee members will help with: coordinating general body meetings and visits from corporate sponsors, taking metrics and gathering data on members to be used to improve meetings and events, and reaching out to faculty and staff as well as alumni and NSBE professionals for networking purposes.

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Conference Planning Committee

Are you interested in planning the logistics of an event or conference? Or simply learning about the Conference Planning Chair Position? Join the Conference Planning Committee! As a committee member you will work closely with the Chair, Pampam Akinyemi to ensure Conference/Event logistics are planned within a timely manner. It will be a great opportunity to gain some leadership experience and see what goes on behind the scenes!

T.R.I.B.E Committee

Are you a transfer student or a student athlete interested in being more involved with BGT? Do you want to help change the culture of BGT through breaking barriers, building the community and planning events? If so, the TRIBE Committee is definitely for you! Fill out the information below to sign up for the TRIBE Committee and/or to receive information on TRIBE events and meetings

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