Hello everyone!

We are less than 2 months away from the 44th Annual NSBE National Convention, which is being held in Pittsburgh, PA from Wednesday - Sunday, March 21st - 25th! Why should you attend this convention? Well this is the perfect way to get a head start on obtaining that internship/coop/full-time job you've always wanted and also a great chance to network with hundreds of corporate sponsors such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Chevron, BP, Accenture, and Amazon and so many more! Below you will find all the information to get started on securing you spot at the Convention.

The deadline to submit the first payment is Thursday, Februrary 8th, 2018.

Fee Schedule

February 8th: $50 (VERY IMPORTANT: This secures your round-trip flight!)

February 22nd: $175

March 8th: $175

Send all payments to either the Venmo (GTSBE) or PayPal (gtsbe.treasurer@gmail.com)

Registration Information

Registration is currently $200. If you would like to register now, please click here.

The deadline to register for the #NSBE44 Convention is February 27th.


If you are interested in attending, please make sure you: 

1) Pay the $50 Down Payment no later than Feb. 8th.

2) Fill out the Georgia Tech waiver and email to gtsbe.cpcchair@gmail.com

3) Fill out the flight/hotel form by clicking here. You will not be able to travel with GTSBE if you do not complete these three tasks by February 8th.