We are the Georgia Tech Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. We exist to serve out the NSBE Mission here at Georgia Tech within the Greater Atlanta Community. We’re here to help you excel as a student, increase your professional outlook, and make compelling contributions to the community. Join us if you want to help yourself and help the rest of the world while you’re at it. GTSBE has EVERYTHING you’re looking for. Really, we have it all…

       •    Academic Support? Yep, we do that.
       •    Corporate reps with advice (and maybe jobs)? Indeed.
       •    Chances to serve my community? Most definitely… That’s how we roll.

Of course, that only scratches surface. GTSBE is just plain awesome, and you should join if you haven’t already. If you aren’t a Georgia Tech student, please feel free to contact us to see how you can get involved. We welcome corporate and community partnerships.