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Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics! Come out this Saturday to experience a taste of what STEAM has to offer. NSBE aims to expose the pre-college community to STEAM and the oppurtunities it affords by interactive demonstrations and one-on-one exposure with students who are well on their way to a career in STEAM. See you there!

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PCI Leadership Workshop

More info coming soon!

Lynda Learning Guidelines

The goal of Learning with Lynda is to encourage members to improve upon and develop their technical skills. You will be awarded points based on the certificates and learning paths you complete. At the end of the competition, April 11th, 2019, the top 3 students with the most points will receive a prize.

1st Place: Apple iPad Air

2nd Prize: Apple Airpods

3rd Prize: Amazon Echo

Courses completed within the following categories are the only ones that will be accepted toward the competition, however, you are encouraged to do whatever piques your interest.

  • 3D + Animation

  • CAD

  • Design

  • Developer

  • IT

  • Web

A learning path is worth 5 points and a certificate is worth 2 points.

Upon completing a certificate or learning path, you must fill out this google form in order to receive your points. Also, please email a screenshot or pdf of the complete course to with the subject as follows ‘Learning with Lynda-First Name, Last Name’.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity and learn something new!!