T.R.I.B.E Initiative

Are you a transfer student or student-athlete looking for a community?

What is T.R.I.B.E ?

The Transfer Retention Initiative for Black Engineers is a plan of action aimed at promoting student involvement on campus. Our main goal is to help STEM transfer students and student-athletes tackle the different social, cultural, and educational adjustments following acceptance into Georgia Tech.


How often are TRIBE meetings?

Meetings are aimed to be once to twice a month.

What is TRIBE committee ?

TRIBE committee meets every two weeks with the TRIBE chair to help plan and facilitate events that help cater to transfer students and student-athletes.

What are some tutoring opportunities at Tech?

View our resource page for academic help!

General Resource for Transfer Students:

                            gives you a breakdown of all Tech courses and the overall class GPA per professor

                       helps you plan your semester classes using a calendar to provide a physical representation of your course load

What should I do to prepare for transferring into Tech?

  • Make sure that you are transferring into Tech with the correct amount of credits by using the transfer equivalency table

  • Compare this to the overall academic map for your program. 

  • Take the core requirements that you’re currently taking for your desired major at Tech very seriously


our advice: It is seen a lot that transfer students core classes don’t go as “in-depth” as Tech courses do so intently preparing for that would be very beneficial to take these courses seriously so that you are caught up.