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What is LDR?

Lambda Delta Rho is the freshman leadership component of the Georgia Tech Society of Black Engineers. LDR participants are responsible for organizing community service projects, fundraising ventures, and planning fun and impactful events.

Primary Objectives

  • develop the leadership skills of first years

  • create a community of black first-years that impact each other and Georgia Tech.

Kaya Hunt

We want to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that really benefits everyone . There should be growth within the executive board and general members. We want to make the best of their first year and be as helpful as possible so they can be ready to be the new leaders of the community.

LDR Chair


By joining the executive board, you work as a team to create events that inform others and make change.


Connect with upperclassmen, professionals and your peers in order to establish relationships that will benefit you and your goals


Participating in an organization like LDR presents you with a large variety of challenges and knowledge.


Build a relationship with those around you so you can create a "team" that supports and helps you through anything.