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Accountability & Actions for Black Lives

Unequivocally, Black Lives Matter. We have written it, sung it, climbed to mountain tops, and shouted it; right now we need your support and action. There are countless ways to do so by signing petitions, donating, voting, and contacting those who once pledged to represent and protect us to urge them to help bring the justice deserved. This page will allow you to support in any way you feel comfortable. Please continue to protect yourselves, mentally and physically, wherever you are and however you decide to take action.

Support George Floyd

  • The Minneapolis Mayor block the pensions of the fired officers and ban them from ever becoming police officers again.
  • That District Attorney Freeman charges all four officers with murder immediately.                                *Derek Chauvin has been placed under arrest and charged with 3rd-degree murder as of 5/29*
The immediate release of the names of all officers who murdered George Floyd.
*Identified as of 5/28: Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J. Alexander Kueng*
Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison today and urge them to appoint an independent prosecutor to work under the Attorney General’s authority here.

Police Chief Medaria Arradondo

Mayor Jacob Frey

Call:  612-673-2100
“Do not donate to any fundraisers hosted by Shaun King - he has an extensive history of collecting funds for pro-Black movements which have disappeared”

Mental Health Resources

We acknowledge that the magnitude of this situation can weigh heavily on your mental state and wish to provide you with resources to help you protect your mental state.